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Most aerobic treatment units are equipped with a timer to regulate when the pump is allowed to disperse effluent through the sprinklers.  This section will walk you through the steps to correctly set the timer.  The timer is located in the control panel.

Locate the small white triangle in the upper right region of the timer. This triangle corresponds to the outer numbers of the timer and should correctly correspond to the current time of day.

The number 6 digit is replaced by A.M. or P.M. Split the dial in half with a line connecting each number 12 digit. Each side (between the two 12 digits) represents the A.M. hours or the P.M. hours.

If the time is not correct turn the outer dial clockwise until the correct hour, including A.M. or P.M., is reached. For example, if the time is 5:15 P.M., locate the 5 on the P.M. side of the timer and turn the dial until the white arrow is pointing at the 5.

To set the minutes use the inside circle which represents a clock face and contains a movable minute hand . From the example above, move the minute hand to the appropriate location of the 15 minute mark.

The timer has now been set to the correct time.  We will reset your timer during our maintenance visits.

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