So, what makes Cyclone a wastewater specialist?  We have over 30 yrs combined septic experience but so do a lot of installers, in fact, there are a lot of installers with even more experience at digging holes and putting tanks in the ground.


But, we know wastewater disposal inside and out.  Not only is our owner a DEQ certified installer, Dawn is also a DEQ certified soil profiler, a DHS licensed sanitarian, a DHS licensed environmental specialist and a chemical engineer.


How rare is that?  Here are the statewide numbers:


Number of DEQ certified installers - 244

Number of DEQ certified soil profilers - 25

Number of certified installers that are also certified soil profilers - 3

Number of certified installers that are licensed sanitarians - 2

Number of certified installers that are chemical engineers - 1


Framed pieces of paper are great but the thing that really sets Dawn apart is her passion for sharing her knowledge!  If you have any doubt, just take a look at our Help section.  She knows how to talk at your level, whether that is a city slicker that has never seen a septic system or a builder that has built hundreds of homes.


Dawn is available to work with you pre-construction so you avoid any pitfalls and she has created training modules for Realtors, builders and HOA's and is always happy to present at meetings.


Give us a call and discover the value a wastewater environmental specialist can add to your project.


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DEQ Installer # 874