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Storm Shelters

Slope-front Concrete


We offer multiple size and entry options for the slope front tornado shelters ranging in size from a 5'x7' midi, the 6'x8' standard, a jumbo 6x10' shelter or 4'5"x11' EZ Shelter . They will stick up above the ground 2 to 2.5 ft. We have options like custom stamping, staining and multiple ladders/steps.  Click here for more pictures.


Flat-top Concrete


Our flat top tornado shelters also come in several sizes: the 4x6 mine, 5'x7' midi or 6'8"x10' jumbo.  We have options like custom stamping and staining.  Click here for more pictures.


Safe Rooms


The safe rooms come standard in 4'x6' and 4'x8'.  However, they can be custom made in sizes ranging from 4'x4' up to 10'x10'.  They come standard with a 36" door but smaller units can be made with a 24" door and the door can be placed on the end or on the side.  The design has been impact tested at the Texas Tech Wind and Science Institute.  They can be installed in a garage or on your patio or installed in any location during new home construction.  Click here for more pictures.


Concrete Safe Rooms


We offer concrete safe rooms ranging in size 4'x8' to 6'x6'.



Fiberglass shelters come in multiple sizes from 4'x4' up to 8'x14'.  These are a good option for those that want a shelter in their back yard but don't have access for a large truck.  Most can be carried in with the excavator.  See additional pictures here.


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