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Wastewater Systems

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Aerobic Wastewater Systems


Our systems use liquid bleach for your convenience.  That means no expensive, hard to find tablets - just use a gallon of store brand chlorine bleach.  It has a low operating cost. since the aerator is the only electrical component.  No moving parts and the aerator and pump are the only electric components.  2 year warranty on components.  Click here for more pictures.


Conventional Septic Systems


Conventional systems can be installed using chambers or rock & pipe.  Click here for more pictures.




Unlike some installers, we are happy to sell our tanks direct to DIY-ers.  You can purchase installation instructions in our store.  For an additional fee, we can provide more in-depth phone or on-site support, system design and pre-inspections prior to your final ODEQ inspection (required on all systems).  While we recommend concrete tanks, we also sell a 1000 gallon poly-tank in our store.  It can be picked up or delivered to your job site.


Other Services


In addition to installations, we also offer aerobic maintenance plans and system inspections for real estate transactions.  Give us a call to find our more!

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