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Cyclone took a break from pumping for a few years but we will be back Q2 2022.

Keep on eye out on social media for our announcement.

  • What area do you service?

    We currently service a 25 mi radius from our office..

  • Why should I get my septic system pumped?

    Septic tank failure is most commonly a direct result of improper maintenance and inspection. If the solids resting at the bottom of the tank are not removed, they build up over time and enter the pipes leading to the drainfield. When this happens, the heavy particulates in the waste become trapped in the leach field’s gravel, preventing absorption and causing your septic system to fail or back up.

  • Why should I get my aerobic system pumped?

    The reason that most people call is because their sprayers start smelling bad.  If the solids aren't regularly cleaned out the sludge will flow into the downstream chambers and, eventually, into the pump chamber. That's why it stinks!  If it reached the pump chamber it can also cause premature failure of the pump.

  • How often should I get my system pumped?

    The frequency of pumping can vary greatly — averaging between one and five years — and is usually dependent upon the following combined factors:


    - Size of the tank

    - Number of home occupants

    - Items flushed down the toilets

    - Items put down the drains

    - Medications

    - Excessive use of household cleaners

    - High water usage


  • How can I extend the time between cleanouts?

    Watch out for items that won't degrade in your system.  Cleaning tissues, wet wipes, cigarette butts, diapers, condoms, powder based detergents (laundry & dish), a garbage disposal, hair,cleaning tissues, wet wipes, cigarette butts, diapers, condoms, or other trash will all fill up your system faster than normally expected.


    Having a water softener backflush into the system will also cause problems by changing the density of the water.


  • What are the signs I need to get my system pumped?

    Many times, the first indication people notice that their tank needs pumped in when the toilets won't flush or, worse, sewage backs up into the house!


    However, there are other signs to look for.  If you have an aerobic system you may notice the sprayers smell like sewage.  If the area around your tank is wet, your toilets gurgle or your lateral lines aren't as noticeable as you remember a few years ago, it's probably passed time!

  • What do I need to do to prepare?

    Make sure we have access to the tank.  If you do not know where the tank is or if we need to uncover it, there may be an additional charge.


    If you don't have a riser on your tank, now is the time to add one!  This will ensure you always have access to your tank and you won't be charged to uncover it in the future.

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