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What NOT to do


  • Do not allow strong detergents, disinfectants, chlorine tablets in toilet tank, or bleaches (other than small amounts used in day to day house cleaning and laundries) into the system. Follow manufacturer recommended amounts when using the above mentioned items.
  • Do not allow any disposable items such as: diapers, tampons, sanitary napkins, rubber products, large quantities of paper products, tobacco products, or similar items in the system.
  • Do not flush down drains or in toilets harsh chemicals, acids, motor oil, gasoline, paint thinner, condoms, etc. Anything that is non-biodegradable should not go into the septic.
  • Do not allow coffee grounds, chemical wastes, oils, or grease (such as cooking grease) into the system.
  • If you have a garbage disposal do not put leftovers, potato skins, cooking grease, etc. down the drain. Food scraps from your plate are the extent of what can go into the garbage disposal.
  • If possible, do not allow the discharge from any type of water softeners or similar equipment to drain directly into the septic system.  The additional water can overwhelm the system and the salt can change the density of the water affecting the separation of solids.

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