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We offer financing for most of our maintenance plans.  The details are available on the pricing pageWe do not offer in-house financing on our other products at this time.  We now offer a Layaway Program.





All of our prices are quoted with a discount for cash or check, however, we do accept credit cards.  Just let us know that you will be paying with a card and we can quote the non-discounted price.  The links below are other options that we know of.  In addition to these resources speak to your own bank.  Most will provide loans for storm shelters or septic systems.


Layaway Program Details


Must pay full price (no coupons or other discounts)

$350 initial payment - includes $250 down payment and non-refundable $100 service fee

Payment required every 2 weeks - $25 minimum

Contract canceled after 2 missed payments.

Item must be paid off in 12 months.

Refund for canceled contracts minus service fee.



Storm Shelter Loans (all APR's are as of 12/2017)


Allegiance Credit Union (1.99%)

Communication Federal Credit Union (0.75%)

Credit Union One (0.99%)

Focus Federal Credit Union (2.75%)

Oklahoma Central Credit Union (0.99%)

Oklahoma Employees Credit Union

Oklahoma Federal Credit Union (2.99%)

OU Federal Credit Union (0.75%)

Tinker Federal Credit Union (2.99%)

True Sky Credit Union (2.99%)


There may be others!


Storm Shelter Rebates & Grants


Absentee Shawnee Tribe

Chickasaw Nation

Choctaw Nation

Comanche Nation



Red Cross, FEMA or other organizations may offer limited programs.  Contact your city offices or local Emergency Management and they can advise you of any local, city or state programs you may be eligible for.

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