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Chlorine is put in the chlorinator. IMPORTANT! DO NOT PUT LIQUID BLEACH IN A TABLET CHLORINATOR OR VISE VERSA. Using pool tablets in your septic system can cause an explosion hazard.  Chlorine kills disease causing bacteria called pathogens. If chlorine is not added, there is a possibility that someone could become ill from contact with water from effluent. For the first month, check the chlorinator weekly in order to get an idea of how much chlorine is being used. After that, monthly check-ups will suffice.


Liquid Chlorinator

Any type of liquid household bleach is acceptable, although generic brands tend to clog parts less frequently. If the bleach is concentrated, dilute to a one to one ratio. The bleach reservoir usually holds around three gallons. Depending on monthly wastewater entering system, average use varies from 1-3 gallons a month.


Tablet Chlorinator

“Sanitary” chlorine tablets are required. CAUTION, do not use swimming pool chlorine tablets, doing so could cause bodily harm and/or damage equipment or property. Do not put in more than four tablets at a time. Depending on monthly wastewater entering system, average usage varies from 1-2 tablets a week.

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